Thursday, 7 November 2013

March to November

We have evidently been too busy over the past 8 months to update this blog!
A quick update on what we’ve been up to:

There are several residential projects under construction, including a considerable extension in Oadby. Here is a teaser image, to be followed by completion photos in due course. We are also making progress with the interiors of the house, including living rooms, kitchen and home office.

Here is another of the residential extensions, just off Narborough Road, which is nearing completion.

There is also a conversion happening in Aylestone, from a retail unit to self-contained flats. Walls are being put in and we are currently discussing kitchen finishes such as flooring and tiles with the client in preparation for the interiors stage.

A large job we are project managing is an old factory/warehouse on Ross Walk in Leicester, currently undergoing conversion to a ‘spiritual university’ for the Brahma Kumaris community. You can find out more about the Brahma Kumaris on their website here.

The Oxford hotel project we mentioned last year is progressing and now in full swing, with bedrooms and bathroom fixtures, fittings and finishes being agreed and finalised.

Our signage projects are picking up on Narborough Road; we have planning permission for Patels Chemist, with another shopfront in the pipeline. As for Belgrave Road and Melton Road, we have also had approval for Spark Academy’s fascia and projection sign. We have just had a meeting with To Suit You on cladding finishes which have now been passed onto our signmakers for production.

More updates soon!